Founded in January 2014, Cryptic Coatings was established by Gary and Karen Huffman with two goals in mind. First, bring a trusted source of information for all coatings provided within the firearms industry. Second, introduce the newest and most advanced coatings to the firearms industry that provide reduced friction, lower operating temperatures and increased overall performance and BCG life.

After serving his country for 22 years as a combat arms specialist within the United States Army, then Master Sergeant Huffman transitioned his career into the coatings industry where he has remained since 2001. “There has been an overwhelming acceptance of new technology within the weapons industry and specialized coatings seemed to be a natural fit for us to launch Cryptic Coatings” says Huffman.

“When we launched Cryptic Coatings, we didn’t know what to expect. As with any new business, you have to take that leap of faith. Some make it, others do not. We have been very blessed to have incredible customers and wide spread acceptance of our products. It amazes us just how many ambassadors we have supporting us.”

Cryptic Coatings continues to expand our product offerings. After starting with the ever popular 5.56 caliber bolt carrier group, we have since moved on to .308, 458 SOCOM, 6.5 Grendel and the 7.62 x 39 platforms. We currently offer both Mil-Spec 8620 steel and 6ALV titanium bolt carriers and will continue to develop our line of ultra-lightweight bolt carrier groups and BCG coatings.

“One of the first things Gary and I wanted from the beginning is to be different… and that is a very hard thing to do in this industry, We also wanted to provide our customers with the highest quality products available and even higher customer service. So far, I feel that we are off to a good start!” says Karen.

Cryptic Coatings would like to thank all of you who have made it possible by your continued support. We look forward to what the future holds!

Gary & Karen Huffman