Will you coat my part if I send it in?
Our apologies, but we cannot. There are many factors that allows us to achieve a proper, high quality coating. For starters, every customer supplied part would need to have its own specific fixture built for our coating chambers. We simply do not have the capacity to handle this type of service, and for most customers, the costs associated with this would simply be too expensive. Our coatings require engineering runs to properly develop the entire coating process and this can generally take months to perfect. Also, because of the various environments customer supplied parts have been exposed to prior to a coating request, these parts may not successfully accept the coating properly. Used parts can out-gas contaminants into our coating chambers and ruin an entire load of parts. We simply cannot take this risk.

Why do you use a chrome coating on the inside instead of DLC or PVD?
The first thing you should know is that this is not the same chrome as the bumper on your car. What we use is called Thin Dense Chrome, or TDC. For any part we coat, we always match the proper coating for the proper application. For the exterior of the Bolt Carrier, the primary concern is reduced friction on the sliding surfaces and increased lubricity. For this we use or DLC or PVD coatings. For the inside of the bolt chamber and gas key, TDC coating can be applied more evenly and consistently than DLC or PVD on small inner diameters. TDC has excellent wear characteristics for this particular application. Please Note: Our titanium carriers do not have TDC coating within the bolt chamber. This is simply because TDC cannot be applied to Titanium.

Do you offer dealer pricing?
Yes. For dealer inquires, please contact us via our contact form.

Do you offer Military / LEO / Fireman discounts?
Yes. However, we do require authentication. This can be in the form of your Military ID, Badge, etc. Please contact us for purchasing via our contact form.

Can you ship to my country?

Why is a lifetime warranty not available for your titanium carriers?
Titanium is inherently a softer material than steel. Because of this, the wear rates are increased, especially within the inner diameters of the bolt chamber. Because Thin Dense Chrome (TDC) cannot be applied to titanium, wear rates will typically be increased in this area. Most titanium bolt carriers will not experience any issues even after several thousands of rounds. Our testing has shown that even after 10,000 rounds our titanium carriers are still functioning properly.

What type of lubrication do you recommend?
Really we cannot recommend any single lubrication, as most of them are very good. However, any lubrication specifically designed for firearms will work just fine.

What does your lifetime warranty cover?
Our warranty covers the manufacturing quality of all coated parts with the exception of the consumables (gas rings, springs, o-rings and firing pin). Should any part fail within the entire BCG (Except the consumables), please contact us for a replacement.

Do you make left handed bolt carriers or side charged carriers?
Not currently, but please check back from time-to-time. As we continue to grow, we plan on offering left hand carriers and/or side charge carriers.

Can I buy just a coated bolt?
Yes. Please contact us via our contact form to place a special order.

Will your carriers wear out my upper?
Actually, quite the opposite. They will actually extend the life of your upper due to the friction reduction characteristics and lubricity of our coatings.

Will a full auto carrier work in my semi-auto rifle?
Yes. However, if your lower is a 1993 pre-ban rifle, then our carriers will not work with the stop bolt in the lower receiver.

I thought titanium was harder than regular steel?
It is not. The benefit to titanium is purely the tensile strength to weight ratio.

What does “Blemish” mean?
Blemishes may include one or some of the following: Poor logo marking, or missing logo Imperfect finish, contained mostly on the inside of the carrier. The fit and function is 100% true to our normal bolt carrier groups, these simply just have some minor cosmetic blemishes. They also carry the same lifetime warranty for form, fit and function as our non-blemished BCG’s.

Will you offer any sales in the future?
Please check back from time-to-time. Any sales we have will be announced thru our website, Facebook pages and/or email newsletter. Be sure to “Like” us on Facebook so you will see any announcements made.

Is the “Mystic Black” better than all the others? Why is the cost so high?
Yes, It is better. It has the absolute lowest coefficient of friction available on the market, period. It is a premium coating and one that is more costly to apply.

Can I get a refund if I send my carrier I just purchased back and exchange it for another? Who pays the shipping?
Yes, you can send the carrier back for an exchange as long as the product is in original, re-sellable condition with all materials included. You, the customer, will be responsible for the shipping costs both ways, unless the product you received was in our error.

What is an “Enhanced Firing Pin” used for?
An Enhanced Firing Pin provides more reliable ignition when using ammo with hard primers or deep primers. Most steel case ammo (Wolff, Tul-Ammo, Russia) fit into this category. This type of ammo is very commonly found in 7.62×39 and 5.45×39. It may also be necessary to use a stronger hammer spring (Wolff Gunsprings). Either of these options (or both combined) will generally fix most “light strike” issues.

Why do you not use an “Enhanced Firing Pin” for a Grendel 6.5 type II?
We sell true Grendel 6.5 type II bolts. That means the tail of the bolt is .010″ long to allow for the .136 head space.