AR15 Steel Bolt Carrier Group - Mystic Silver

Mystic Silver Coating

Mystic Sliver is a durability and reliability Plasma Vapor Deposition (PVD) bolt carrier group coating that reduces friction between sliding and rotating surfaces. Cryptic Coatings’ Mystic Sliver has the appearance of chrome but much harder and won’t flake or chip. It’s a dense, non-porous continuous coating unlike hard chrome which has high residual stress creating microcracking. This structure provides for very low residual stress with high-quality adhesion. The hardness, low coefficient of friction and residual stress of Mystic Silver, combine to give high wear resistance, good corrosion resistance with great sliding action behavior even in low lubrication environments. Mystic Silver has a smooth aesthetically pleasing appearance but it’s not just visually pleasing it’s all about enhanced high performance surface characteristic.


  • Coefficient of Friction: 0.3
  • Hardness: 1800 Vickers
  • Max Temperature: 1,200° F
  • Thickness: 2-3 microns
  • Color: High Luster Silver


  • Lubricity
  • Wear Resistant
  • Smoother Recoil
  • Improved Consistency
  • Faster Cyclic Rate
  • Easier Cleaning
  • Reduced Carbon Fouling